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the empowerment story

many times I’ve heard of people being ‘stuck’ in situations (work/financial/relationships) which don’t make them happy but somehow have been accepted for what they are, without fully accepting them but rather victimizing and pitying themselves for being stuck.

And I usually say the same over and over again: BE the change you want to see. This is your life, and you are your own designer. CREATE the life you want to life. Does it take a lot of courage to break out of old patterns/situations? Yes! But you know what? You can do it! You need to create the the opportunities you are wishing for.

Have a hundred ideas in mind but you are full of doubts, if it fails, if this and if that….you know what? If you don’t try, you’ll never know. JUST DO IT.

I find myself saying these words and sentences over and over and over again.

I meet so many people thru my photography, and social design projects and get these stories all the time about what an amazing life I have, being able to travel and a job “that you can do from anywhere” - but you know what? I’ve created this situation for myself. From scratch. I believe my success comes from the fact that I LOVE what I do, and believe in it more than anything. I am passionate and driven. I am PULLED by inspiration, I am not PUSHING something I don’t like.

Out of this really the empower tshirts idea was born. And not only. I have always been committed towards making a difference. I am envisioning to feature and support carefully chosen empowering projects in the developing world. To empower women in rural areas to create their own business thru micorfinance projects for example.

With every new tshirt, and empowering word, we support a different project.







believe in yourself as I believe in you. believe in the magic that's inside your heart.


empower yourself to be really who you are. live up to your full potential. follow those dreams.


get your creative juices flowing. be creative. think outside the box. make it happen.