After a year long journey of trying to find the right fit I can finally say I'm soo excited to work with two wonderful women: Grace and Edwina. 

It took a loooooog time prototyping over and over to get my design out of my head into a final product which I can say I'm 100% proud of. 

edwina and grace.jpg



Grace learned with a lot of patience and doing it over and over and over again the art of sewing some sequins onto some of the bags (the EMPOWER. bag which is not out yet) which then magically form the letters EMPOWER. in gold sparkly manner. 


Edwina is an amazing seamstress running her own business tailoring anything and everything for her clients with maximum attention to detail. She is a strong smart lady and mother of four. 

So freakin' proud of this. 

There will be different bags in the future, but for now we start with the GOLD bag. 

And now we need to sell! Help me spread the word and spread the bags, empowering amazing entrepreneurs like Grace and Edwina. 


You can order your bag HERE today! 


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