True to its goal of spreading positivity through T-shirts, MLE Empowering Apparel has unveiled another inspiring collection. The T-shirts each carry the inscriptions of the different cities of the ten regions of Cameroon. The main objective of this new line of t-shirts is to awaken the sense in belonging amongst Cameroonians as well as reminding them that mindful of our diversity, we all belong to one big beautiful country.



MLE made a debut of the new line on the runway at the Forum des Métiers de la Mode et du Design Yaoundé this May and continues to feature on runways in the city with plans of going beyond in the near future. In a private showing at the German Embassy last week, models walked the runway with MLE t-shirts paired with skirts by the famous designer Imane Ayissi.


Through these T-shirts, MLE hopes to preserve Cameroon’s identity as one by supporting schools in each district with 25% of the profit of each tshirt sold. 

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