INNOVATE. for Africa!


Larissa and her classmate Jordan are both high school students at the STEM focused TASSAH Academy in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon. Larissa and Jordan spent countless hours preparing for the biggest challenge in their lives: building a robot that would be traveling with them to the FIRST GLOBAL robotics competition in Washington D.C. which was held last week at the Constitution Hall. With over 160 teams it was truly the youth from around the world coming together to tackle through technology one of the most pressing challenges: clean water. 

It is girls like Larissa, a 16 years old high performing student who will likely change the world for the better if given the opportunities to develop her curiosity and passion for STEM.


Thirty-six African countries were represented at the FIRST GLOBAL competition and most of the team mentors were women. 

To spark and nurture a passion for innovation and technology is the goal of this competition, while meeting the youth from so many different backgrounds and all working on tackling the same problems. 

We are proud to announce that we are launching the INNOVATE. t-shirt. Fifty percent of the profit of each garment goes towards funding robotics/ STEM focused bootcamps in Africa!

You can directly support innovation in Africa by purchasing our INNOVATE. t-shirts HERE.


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