Every now and then it happens that people ask me if I could design my t-shirts and sweatshirts in a more colorful way. The answer is: nope. You think that’s pretty radical and you want to know why? I’m happy to explain! 

You are beautiful and perfect. Just the way you are. However, believing this truth is another story. Very few people are able to do so. Education, society and the media have brainwashed us in a way that we are bound to believe just the opposite. By hammering into our brains that we are not good enough at this or that and that in order to be perfect we must first accomplish one thing or another. 

MLE Empowering Apparel® wants to remind you of the truth: not only that you are awesome, just the way you are, but only the way you are.

Radical? Maybe. But true. 

MLE Empowering Apparel® wants not only to remind you of this, we want to empower you to be who you truly are – and to express it. That’s why MLE Empowering Apparel® is pure. The garments are like a frame for a precious, unique piece of art – and that piece of art is you. Because one thing is for sure: if we live as our true selves, we shine like all the colors in a rainbow. Do you understand now why MLE Empowering Apparel® avoids all colors? Would there ever be a frame that could compete with the piece of art which it holds? Exactly! 

And because we are bursting with happiness when we are living as our true selves, we’d love to see others as happy – that’s how we humans tick. By wearing MLE Empowering Apparel®we are not only reminding ourselves that we are unique and wonderful just the way we are, but we empower others, to realize this themselves as well and to proclaim it proudly. Both through the message on the garments as well as through numbers, because 50 % of each garment’s profit goes straight into empowering projects. To what end? Obviously to be and express their true selves and live their life to its fullest, whatever that might mean on an individual level.

50 % for social empowerment? Seriously?Sure! The same right for everyone. Maybe that’s radical – but that’s MLE Empowering Apparel®. 


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