What exactly is my vision for MLE Empowering Apparel?

To get straight to the point: MLE is here to empower you to be an influencer of positive change - for yourself and for the world. 

It works out as long as everything is ok. But what about in times like these, when the media is saturated with scary news?

Many of us feel paralyzed in light of all these negative developments and the idea of being an influencer of positive change seems almost absurd. 

On the other hand some take a “now, more than ever” approach!

Someone who took a “now, more than ever” approach was Louis Armstrong: On New Year's Eve 1945, when half of the world was in ashes, he encouraged millions of people all over the world, as he sung Johnny Mercer's lyrics: "Accentuate the positive”

People who make a difference, because they simply accentuate the positive, impress and inspire me. For example, the journalist, who on the day after the recent Munich attack, purposely did not focus on the horrors of the previous day but instead reported about the beauty of her surroundings. She stood on a sunny square in the city center of Munich. Kids were running around chasing pigeons. A couple holding hands was walking by. And in that exact moment when she smiled into the camera and said: “life goes on”, a brimstone butterfly crossed in front of the lens almost as if to say: “now, more than ever".

This journalist was accused of being superficial and cynical. I congratulated her, because for me she is an inspiration and influencer of positive change. 

Just like Louis Armstrong and the brimstone butterfly, I join them in saying: “now, more than ever"!

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