MLE Empowering Apparel  is a line of garments designed to empower all of us to thrive and to BE who we really are meant to be: empowered individuals who live their life to its fullest.

MLE Empowering Apparel is about being proud of our true identity and proclaiming it to those around us. By wearing an MLE Empowering Apparel garment YOU feel in balance with your own values, identity and abilities. Equally important, YOU will likely foster a discussion with friends and others about the importance of personal growth.

Our products allow YOU to express yourself while also being an influencer of positive social change.

In addition, 10% of the profit from each purchase goes directly to micro-loans helping REAL people in Africa advance their lives by growing sustainable businesses. No donation, just PURE EMPOWERMENT.

Check out the stories of empowered African Entrepreneurs.

The focus of MLE Empowering Apparel is to inspire others to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of people all over the world!


Founded by Emily Pinna, visual storyteller, photographer and social impact designer. MLE Empowering Apparel is her newest brand, which she passionately created to empower people to make a difference.